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communicate better


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About Us

Welcome to Skripts, where we take the "sigh" out of tough conversations and replace it with "ha-ha!" We're not your ordinary communication gurus; we're the superheroes of communication. But instead of capes, we dress in funny reminders and firm-but-gentle boundaries.

Skripts is the brainchild of Dr. LauraMaery Gold, LMFT, who turned her therapeutic work into a commu-nication revolution. She believes that communication shouldn't be a labyrinth of confusion and awkwardness. With Skripts, you'll be armed with the power of principled language and a healthy dose of humor.

The approach is simple: Keep it real, keep it relatable, and inoculate it with a dose of good humor. We're not afraid to use good-natured ribbing to tackle the serious stuff. Think of Skripts as the secret weapon for those dreaded "uh-oh" moments. Skripts are a trusty sidekick, helping couples and individuals navigate conflict with a wink and a smile.

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